Dead Target Mod Apk

Dead Target Mod Apk v4.77.0【Unlimited Gold+Money】

Dead target mod apk is a free offline game 2022 is an addictive shooting game with a zombie scenario. In this game the scene is of shooting and killing the zombies with the help of several weapons. This game will experience you a real zombie hunter adventure.

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Dead target mod apk will provide you unlimited gems and unlimited money, you will also get unlimited weapons and gold from which you can buy more powerful weapons which will help you to kill more zombies at a time. The premium apk of dead target will give you some extra gadgets and weapons which are payed and cannot be downloaded for free. But this mod apk will give you all those things free of cost.

Dead Target

Specifications of Dead Target Apk:


App Name Dead Target Mod APK v4.77.0 + Unlimited Money And Gold
Publisher Games
Genre Action
Size 131 MB
Latest Version v4.77.0
MOD Info Dead Target hack mod
Price Free
Get it On soprapk
Update January 31, 2022 (1 days ago)
Rating Value 4.9+ Stars
Price Offer 0 USD(Free)
Operating System Android
Type Software Application


  • kill zombies with lagendary 3D weapons.
  • Upgrade abilities and weapons to kill zombies at high levels.
  • clear up the area occupied by zombies
  • save humankind from the deadly disease.
  • Be the best sniper shooter as a zombie hunter.


A year ago a 4.3 square meter Metroid named kebo of 45 tons hit the earth surface at a speed of 19,000 mph. A team of scientists called MT research studied the meteorite and found a unique and strange chemical there. They studied the chemical composition and tested it on a rabbit as a sample. After applying the chemical on the sample, a unique change appeared. The chemical add unique strength and intelligence in the sample. As a result, scientists tested the chemical on many rabbits. But after sometime the worst effects of the chemical stared to appear. The chemical turned the samples into deadly creatures. These creatures called zombies started attack on humans turning them into undead zombies. The virus spread rapidly and turned huge masses into zombies. Military took the charge to control the situation and stared the war. But the situation became worse turning military soldiers into zombies. Now only the agent X , some citizens and you survived in the deadly invasion. And it is up to you to take a step forward. Kill zombie or become a zombie? Fight or wait for the help from military? Keep fighting save yourself, your agent and left over survivors.

Dead Target

Mods and features:

Highly upgraded weapons are available that can kill several undead zombies at once.

Unique Skins:

Dead target avails unique weapons with unique skins that is more thrilling in this survival game.
By amazing weapons like riffles, guns, grenades, laser guns, nuclear weapons and many more, you can enjoy killing zombies.

Unlimited Weapons:

Weapons and many more features can be buyed from gold and money. You can earn money and gold by completing missions. But if you download the dead target MOD APK you can have unlimited gold and money through which you can buy amazing weapons and guns easily. Dead target MOD APK presents infinite Gold and money by which you can enjoy beautiful impacts of unique weapons. So just go to 2022 MOD APK to download the game.


In this offline game graphics and sound effects are amazing that will add more interest to the game. 3D graphics of zombie scenario make the game awesome and thrilling. Sound effects of weapons also give amazing enjoyment.

Achievements and quests:

There are many quests and achievements in the offline game that can be acquired by passing the levels and missions. You just have to kill the zombies, buy new features and upgrade weapons to unlock the quests. By achieving achievements and unlocking quests you can claim epic rewards and gifts.

Dead Target


Dead target 2022 MOD APK is quite easy to play. Just aim on zombie, shoot and the zombie is dead. Shooting zombies at different body parts will weakens the zombies differently. Like head shot will give more damage than on shooting on leg and arms. Use of grenade launcher will kill 10 zombies at a time. As zombies approach you they will cause effects to your lives, but you can use infinite lives by your 2022 MOD APK. In the fight you should have perfect aiming, fast and perfect shooting time, otherwise zombies can affect you badly. Because these insane zombies are not stupid but cleaver. They have different abilities to harm you so beware of them.

How to download the Dead Target MOD APK:

To download the file you just have to go to the website a download button will appear just click on it. After that you will see 30 seconds timer, wait for 30sec. After 30sec your file will start downloading.
After downloading you can enjoy our featured Dead Target 2022 MOD APK.

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