Dead Trigger Mod Apk

Dead Trigger Mod Apk v2.0.3【Unlimited Money+Ammo】

Do you enjoy killing zombies? If so, you may want to try Dead Trigger Mod Apk, released by MADFINGER Games in 2012. Dead Trigger Hack Apk is an old game, but it’s still better than many android games. Dead Target Mod Apk is a free first-person shooter set in the year 2040, when war, famine and nuclear war have left the planet exhausted. In the middle of a war for resources, mankind uses biological weapons, which infect all living things in their path and leave behind mutants.

Dead Trigger Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money) is a popular first-person shooter. It was first released in 2012. This game is still one of the best representatives of the genre. In the game, you need to fight hordes of zombies. During the battle, different levels are available, each of which will perform different tasks.
You are about to have a close encounter with zombies, who have no patience for fools. If you don’t grab your gun and battle the undead horde quickly, your life is in danger. In order to play our game, players can no longer afford to stand up and hold a gun, shooting down the zombies appearing before them. In an offline game, players will be able to shoot zombies with a variety of weapons in their hands, starting new legendary gunfights full of attractions.

Alternating between the game’s missions and the performance of story-based tasks, the gameplay takes place on more attractive locations. With a huge arsenal of weapons, armor, and other equipment, players are invited to choose the most effective approach for each level. Any zombie you encounter must be eradicated in order to survive.

In addition to helping you survive, it also brings you a lot of gold pieces. When you shoot a zombie, you will kill them faster; however, it can take more than one bullet sometimes. The sensitivity level should be set so that you can aim accurately.

Dead Trigger Mod Apk
Dead Trigger Mod Apk

The Dead Trigger Mod Apk has been created to offer you unlimited money, unlimited gold, unlimited ammo, and all guns unlocked. Enjoy this game even more by downloading our mod.

Specification of Dead Trigger Mod Apk:

Name Dead Trigger Mod Apk
Publisher MADFINGER Games
Version 2.0.3
Size 156M
Category Action
MOD Features Unlimited money
Support Android 5.0+
Get it on Google Play

Features of Dead Trigger Mod Apk:

  • Get unlimited money.
  •  Upgraded and no recoil guns.
  • Mod Menu.
  • Warframe Chams.
  • Speed.
  • GodMode.
  • Ads-free.
  • Do free shopping.
  • No need for an internet connection.

Unlimited Ammo

In this game the player can unlock all weapons which were locked earlier, by using their own hard-earned money. But now, with this mod apk file, you can get free unlimited ammo and money to buy weapons.


An unexplained pandemic has occurred across the globe: everybody is turning into zombies. They attack other people and they eat their brains out causing death. The government and the army are helpless against the rapid spread of disease. Soon all cities and countries around the world have fallen to this evil epidemic.

Lots of modes

You can choose to work with the story or not. If you don’t, you can lead your character in whatever direction you choose as part of an open-ended game. There are more than 10 unique environments to explore, and you can participate in unlimited quests. Many people are incapable of fighting, so they cannot fight against aggressive zombies. You are their last hope. Plunge into dangerous areas and rescue the unfortunate victims.

Variety of maps

 Gamers are given the opportunity to explore interesting maps that feature unique gameplay. Within the game, you will find yourself fighting zombies in tight spaces, huge battlegrounds, and enormous masses of zombies. Use the terrain and your tactics to deal with undead opponents. Use your massive arsenal to hit them precisely. Fire powerful rockets at the hideous zombies to send them flying.

Arena in Dead Trigger

In the arena mode of Dead Trigger, the player must use all his skills to survive a zombie attack. The mode takes place on a small college campus with various items, including houses and ammunition, which can be used to defeat the zombies.


In Dead Trigger Mod Apk, you are given challenging tasks to complete. You must defeat the bloodthirsty zombies and protect and rescue other survivors. You need to pay attention to supplies so that you do not run out. There is also a need to watch over the oven during battles, so that it does not get damaged. After completing your assigned tasks, you will be allowed to unlock new levels and upgrade your character to a higher level.

Dead Trigger Mod Apk
Dead Trigger Mod Apk

Protect And Explore City

In this game, you are the only person capable of saving the city from a zombie invasion. So get ready to defend your homeland and shoot down zombies to earn money. You can add new guns to your arsenal by leveling up.

Use Legendary Realistic Weapons

Players can choose from a variety of guns including the Minigun, Scorpion, Striker, and Enfield. They can also fight with a variety of melee weapons like the Chainsaw, Brain Mill, and other brutal weapons. However, players can also use stunning gadgets like blades choppers, baits mines, grenades, radar, and laser amputators. Players can also use explosive atoms like bombs with the accounts they hack in Dead Trigger Mod Apk.

Play Without Internet

People can play your game without an Internet connection on their mobile devices, which I think is pretty neat. That means they can enjoy the game completely offline and take full advantage of the game’s portability. They’ll be able to access their progress whenever they connect to the internet.


 There are a variety of weapons including the Chainsaw and Brain Mill that players can own to have more powerful guns. Not only guns, but there is an assortment of melee weapons and bombs, including cutting, mines, laser-mounted guns, grenades, and radars for players to choose from. The game asks players to choose weapons suitable for each other so they can work together in love.

Discover New Things

If you’ve ever wanted to become a superhero and save the day, then this game is for you. You might have to trade in your controller for a cape, because you’ll be embarking on an exciting adventure as your favorite character. You can visit every place in your city and learn a lot about it. This will help you when it’s time for the final battle. In addition, you can uncover secrets in this dramatic, action-packed game.


Players become immersed in Dead Trigger 3D world, viewing the game with extremely vivid, impressive graphics. Players will experience many different emotions while playing thanks to the authentic images. The publisher cares about every detail and fixes his imperfections to build a game that recreates a sense of harmony into the game world for players. From zombies, the guns are drawn with very well-organized and eye-catching graphics.

Personla Reviews

The Dead Trigger Mod Apk game is highly addictive. When you play this game, you will feel like you are a real warrior. You have the opportunity to use realistic weapons in the game which can help you kill waves of zombies.

How to Install Dead Trigger Mod Apk:

In order to download this version of mod apk you have to follow the following steps:

  • Click the “Download Now” button to proceed to the next Download page.
  • Select the “Download” button to begin downloading the file.
  • The file will appear in the notification area once it has begun downloading.
  • Enjoy the site and bookmark it for future visits.

How to install On Android:

Downloads can only be made when the third-party app installation feature is enabled. Installing apps from unknown devices requires enabling the “Allow installation from unknown devices” option.

In addition to allowing installation of apps from any third-party website, this feature is required to install apps outside of Google Play Store.

Thus, the question arises, how to enable this feature?
The steps are as follows:

  • Select the Mobile setting.
  • Next, choose Additional settings.
  • Finally, choose Privacy.
  • You can choose “Allow apps to be installed” from unknown sources here.
  • Simply check the box.

Your mobile device will begin installing the app after enabling the feature

  • Once the Apk file has been downloaded, click on it.
  • Once that’s done, simply click the install button and let it take a few seconds to install on your phone.
  • An open button will appear after installation is complete. Simply click it and the application will open.

How To install on (IOS) :

You can run Android apps on your iPhone by following the below steps

  • From your browser, download Dalvik the Emulator to your iOS device.
  • Launch the emulator.
  • Finally, download and enjoy the Android applications.

Download Dead Trigger Mod Apk:

This mod apk is one of the best ways to bypass in-app purchases and get unlimited gems, items, and more. Several websites provide this download for free or at a low price. You might also want to consider downloading other Mods and Hacks, as these will enhance your gaming experience by granting you access to additional features.

The following steps will guide you through the process of downloading a modified APK:

  • Clicking on the “Download Now” button will take you to the next page.
  • Click on Download to download the file.
  • Click on the notification bar to see the file as it’s downloading.
  • Check back daily for more modded apps and games.

In some cases, if you believe the Apk is not working properly on your device, please comment below, and we will take a look at it. Thank you for using soprapk.


Dead Trigger Mod Apk is the app game of zombies, is extremely simple to play. It contains a tutorial which explains how everything works before giving you control of your character. This lack of depth may turn off players looking for something more substantial, however if you want a mindless shooter with no pretense or story, Dead Trigger Mod Apkis perfect for you.

There are many modded apps and games available on our site. You can check for more by searching them in the search bar. Also if you want a new modded version of any app or game, you can comment below and we will look into it.

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