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Eternium Mod Apk v1.5.84【Unlimited Coins+Gems】Latest 2022

Eternium Mod Apk is a superb RPG with beautiful graphics. Discover all the forests and dungeons, and pump your character to the limit, as you take on the role of a Mage, Warrior or Hunter. There will be different types of rings and amulets you can create to help you enhance your abilities. This game allows you to fight demons, zombies, or even robots, and it has the ability to infinitely create new levels. Fans of action role-playing games will enjoy the beautiful special effects and dynamic battles.

Specification of Eternium Mod Apk:

Name Eternium Mod Apk
Offered By Making Fun, Inc.
Category Role Playing
Version 1.5.83
Size 140M
Get it On
Updated 2 Days Ago
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Rating Value 4.9+ Stars
Price Offer 0 USD(Free)
Operating System Android
Type Software Application

Features of Eternium Mod Apk:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked Unique Powers
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unique Equipment
  • Unlimited Gems:
  • Treasure Chests
  • Unlock and Upgrade
  • Battle Against Enemies
  • Endless levels
  • Amazing landscapes
  • Rewards
  • New Powers

Unlimited Money

Money is a fundamental component of this game, which is used for upgrading weapons, unlocking spec for Warriors, and many other things. With the modded version of the game, you’ll have unlimited money and can buy any premium item for free.

Unlimited Gold

For a player to unlock various items and upgrade weapons and armor in the Eternium Mod Apk Game, he or she must have gold. It should be noted, however, that there is a severely limited supply of Gold in the normal version of the game, so no unlocking can be done. We have proposed changing the Eternium Game in a way that allows all players to obtain unlimited gold.

Unlimited Gems:

Gamers can purchase premium items such as spiked shoulder pads and mysterious cloaks with Gems, the game’s currency. This game is known for its gem currency that allows you to buy extra character slots and upgrade items.

Eternium Mod Apk
Eternium Mod Apk

Unlocked Unique Powers

At the beginning of the game, unlocking unique powers takes a lot of time and effort. All powers are unlocked in Eternium Mod Apk, so players of any skill level can use them.

Unique Equipment

In Eternium, the Equipment must have some good points. Tools and equipment will be found and crafted by players, instead of needing to go out and collect them. Crafting is a major feature of Eternium. You can exchange treasures you collect for character upgrades without having to collect money all day long. Crafting equipment will allow characters in Eternium Mod Apk to advance in level.

Many Characters

Many characters are available to choose from, such as a Mage, Warrior, Bounty Hunter, and more, providing you with a wide variety of ways to play the game. You can fight against skeletons, zombies, and other characters in battles. Each time you kill one, you get loot.

Explore the World

A large hidden world awaits you in the game. Many of the landscapes on our planet are varied, including caves, dungeons, forests, villages and graveyards. In these places, there are treasures to be found.

Treasure Chests

There are many treasure chests to explore in the game. All of them offer great rewards and prizes. Discovering and unlocking them is the key to making full use of them. Helmets and hoods are among the items found in these chests.

More About Eternium Mod Apk:

In this game, you will encounter a lot of different enemies. Combat powerful creatures such as skeletons, robots, demons, dragons, minions, and aliens. Its unique feature is the ability to attack enemies simply by dragging power symbols across the screen. Ragadam’s apocalyptic plan will destroy the multiplanet universe.

Unlock and Upgrade

There are a variety of weapons and armors available for you to use against your enemies. Be sure to unlock these items before beginning your quest. Your minions will accompany you on your quest. Upgrade their armors and weapons to increase their strength. Prepare a more powerful arsenal for the minions. Make your character more powerful.

Endless levels

Besides skeletons, zombies, and aliens, Android fans will also face skeletons, zombies, and aliens as they fight their way through the game. You will need to adjust your fighting style to counter each enemy’s fighting style. The game’s endless levels will challenge you with some of the toughest challenges you’ve ever faced.

Eternium Mod Apk
Eternium Mod Apk

Amazing landscapes

Further, the game consists of multiple auto-generated levels that are different each time you play. This makes it challenging each time you play.

You will have even more fun exploring Eternium Mod Apk with its unique environments and monsters. Dark dungeons hold trolls, abandoned villages hold abducted soldiers, graveyards hold the dead, and troll castles contain demons. Several challenging environments await you.

Spells and Find Weapons

The world is filled with dark magic. Your survival in the game will depend on your ability to cast mind-bending spells. Along the way you’ll find weapons and loot. You can use these resources to make better items and spells. Knowing the power of signs will help you defeat powerful monsters in battle. You can download it by clicking here.


As you progress through the game, you can collect loot and rewards that will assist our heroes on their ultimate quest. The normal treasure chests with gold, gems, and battle gear can be picked up whenever you win a battle. Seek out shiny weapons and equipment as you accomplish your grand quests. Rewards and bonuses will be yours at any time.


During the journey through the enemy territory, gamers will also come across amazing characters. Discover the unique and exciting stories of Eternium Mod Apk lands from different perspectives. Ensure that your companions are available and bring them back to your squad.

Eternium Mod Apk
Eternium Mod Apk

Since new members have joined your squad, this means you will be able to use their combined power to defeat your enemies. Unleash devastating attacks with Shockwave, Whirlwind, or Blizzard. By buffing your teammates, you can make them stronger while debuffing them weakens them. Combating tough enemies by combining certain hero combinations and using different team strategies.

New Powers

Making and improving your equipment makes them more potent in battle thanks to the crafting feature. For your legendary weapons, you can craft gemstone sockets. You will gain new abilities when you use the legendary stones. Fusing similar items and stones can result in more powerful items.


As well as Eternium Mod Apk equipment, the company offers beautiful graphics and images as well. Among each character’s 20 skills, divided into passive and active types, there are at most 20 distinct skills. Equipment is countless, I said earlier. Combining skills and weapons creates a highly eye-catching scene when acted out. It is created by combining fire, light, and color that an extremely attractive fighting scene is created.

How to Download Eternium Mod Apk:

In order to download this version of mod apk you have to follow the following steps:

  • Click the “Download Now” button to proceed to the next Download page.
  • Select the “Download” button to begin downloading the file.
  • The file will appear in the notification area once it has begun downloading.
  • Enjoy the site and bookmark it for future visits.

How to Download Eternium Mod Apk On Android:

Downloads can only be made when the third-party app installation feature is enabled. Installing apps from unknown devices requires enabling the “Allow installation from unknown devices” option.

In addition to allowing installation of apps from any third-party website, this feature is required to install apps outside of Google Play Store.

Thus, the question arises, how to enable this feature?
The steps are as follows:

  • Select the Mobile setting.
  • Next, choose Additional settings.
  • Finally, choose Privacy.
  • You can choose “Allow apps to be installed” from unknown sources here.
  • Simply check the box.

Your mobile device will begin installing the app after enabling the feature

  • Once the Apk file has been downloaded, click on it.
  • Once that’s done, simply click the install button and let it take a few seconds to install on your phone.
  • An open button will appear after installation is complete. Simply click it and the application will open.

How To Download Eternium Mod Apk on (IOS) :

You can run Android apps on your iPhone by following the below steps

  • From your browser, download Dalvik the Emulator to your iOS device.
  • Launch the emulator.
  • Finally, download and enjoy the Android applications.

Download Eternium Mod Apk:

This mod apk is one of the best ways to bypass in-app purchases and get unlimited gems, items, and more. Several websites provide this download for free or at a low price. You might also want to consider downloading other Mods and Hacks, as these will enhance your gaming experience by granting you access to additional features.

The following steps will guide you through the process of downloading a modified APK:

  • Clicking on the “Download Now” button will take you to the next page.
  • Click on Download to download the file.
  • Click on the notification bar to see the file as it’s downloading.
  • Check back daily for more modded apps and games.

In some cases, if you believe the Eternium Mod Apk is not working properly on your device, please comment below, and we will take a look at it. Thank you for using soprapk.


Thanks for a great time, guys. We have provided you with the working and latest version which is highly compressed and contains unlimited gems/characters and many more. We have also provided detailed information about its gameplay and modded features. I hope you find our site interesting.

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