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My Singing Monsters Apk Mod v3.3.3【Unlimited Money & Gems+Latest】

My Singing Monsters Apk Mod is a Combination of Simulators and strategy elements . User aggression is not required in this enjoyable project. There are unique monsters in the game world. Furthermore, they enjoy all types of music.

Monsters show off skills and talents by composing, singing and joining choirs. Determine whether your characters will perform at the level they are capable of and how many monsters will be in their choir. Additionally, if you’re interested in a game of such a genre, please check out Dragon Mania Legends and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

The monster’s games are most similar to Take the Fight, and they contain a lot of battle modes. In addition, games of this type are most familiar to all gamers. The new amazing and unique game I have for you today is My Singing Monsters Apk Mod from the publisher Big Blue Bubble. It is an outstanding and worthy product.

When the game was launched, the publisher offered it for both Android and iOS platforms. This product proved the developer’s hard work, even though the publisher is not accustomed to creating great games. A game developer added the funniest elements to the game, and it showed excellent creativity.

Specifications of My Singing Monsters Apk Mod:

Category Simulation
Developer Big Blue Bubble
Version 3.3.2
Size 123 Mb
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Requires Android 4.0.3+
Rating Value 4.9+ Stars
Price Offer 0 USD(Free)
Operating System Android
Type Software Application

Features of My Singing Monsters Mod Apk

  • Collect and level up over 150.
  • Cute and funny monsters.
  • Dragons are so last year.
  • Customize your islands with cool decorations.
  • Enjoy awesome graphics.
  • Play with friends.
  • Discover new updates.
  • Events year-round

Cute and funny Monsters

It is the monsters that will sing over the island that will be the main character of the game. These creatures eat and sing all day long. Every monster out there has its own tone and melody. By mixing them together, you can create a track that is the best of them all.

Collect Coins

If you find that you need more monsters to set up a new melody, you can tape over the heads of the monsters to earn coins, and with these coins you can purchase a new monster for the island. On top of that, you can buy new islands to expand your territory, as well as create new monsters on other islands.

Add Friends

The app allows you to add new friends from all over the world and play a game with them. You can have as many friends as you like in the game.


You can enable auto-updates for the game. When auto-update ode is enabled, the game will be updated automatically every time an update is released.


It is possible to customize both the monster and the island where the monsters actually live.

Record Voices

In addition to setting the best melody for your island, you should make sure you check the melodies of any monster’s characters. You will have the option of checking your tracks by recording the voices of the monsters and listening to them. It will be possible to muffle that monster even though it will be available on the island if you don’t like the melody.

Move objects

If you click any of the statues on the island, you will find a lot of options to set it up, such as statues of dragons and other stuff. On the island, you can move objects from one place to another and even remove them from the island.

Costumes Purchases

If you want to change the appearance of the monsters, you can opt to buy new costumes through the shopping option.


As you read the features you might assume that dealing with all the monsters will be quite a challenge, but that’s just an assumption. A guidepost will be provided to help you understand everything you need to know about the game and how to control your monsters to record melodies. Each task that you do on the site will be accompanied by a gesture. In the settings you will also find the manual.

Mod Description

It’s only natural that there’s never enough money for full development, which slows the game down. You can download a mod for My Singing Monsters Apk Mod that will give you unlimited diamonds to resolve the problem. Your purchases and improvements can be made at any time with its assistance.

My Singing Monsters Apk Mod
My Singing Monsters Apk Mod

Your account gets an unlimited amount of diamonds once you install My Singing Monsters Apk Mod . You can do everything much more quickly when you use in-game currency. If you pay a few diamonds, for example, the process of growing monsters can be accelerated. You can quickly replenish your magical creature collection this way and save a lot of time. This mod can certainly come in handy for you since diamonds perform many other useful functions as well. Download it without worrying, it’s safe for your device.

Breed new hybrid

There are 100s of different monsters in My Singing Monsters MOD APK. Make a hybrid monster by combining two monsters. A hybrid monster has a breed type for every combination of monsters. Different sounds will be produced by each breed. The game introduces new breed sounds that you will find exciting. Upgrade the monster level by collecting all the monsters to increase your singing level. All-breed monsters are also provided with a beautiful soundtrack in the game. Explore various islands for a new adventure experience.

Gameplay of My Singing Monsters Apk Mod:

The strategy farm My Singing Monsters has elements of simulation. A fun, funny game allows you to raise monsters from eggs, train and improve them to create a chorus and a melody at the same time! You can purchase and improve your character by spending in-game currency.

You can choose from over 150 live musical instruments that differ in their sounds and appearances. Use the built-in tools to record music videos. Your friends can play with you if you share your achievements and invite them to the game.

Music development game My Singing Monsters has been ported to iOS. The game takes place in a green world with interesting monsters. In the game, you can raise, collect, and upgrade various monsters. Taking advantage of the unique singing voices of these monsters, players may create unique sounds in their world by collecting them. Each island has its own concert hall, and over 30 kinds of monsters need to be controlled. Each of My Singing Monsters’ beautiful islands requires players to plant trees, replace outdated buildings with more modern ones, and purchase food for the monsters.

In addition to providing diversity, the developers added ten maps representing the islands users need to unlock. By correctly placing the monsters, you can create melodies with its help. Although each of them is an excellent singer and musician, they only know one note. A musician’s characteristics depend on the timbre, notes, and tempo they set themselves. As a composer, you can write your own hit and become a full-fledged artist.


Graphic And Sound:

I highly recommend My Singing Monsters Apk Mod for those who enjoy gorgeous graphics and characters that have unique designs and appearances. Additionally, the developers created thoughtful and atmospheric textures for the maps and terrain. A special mention should be made of the magnificent soundtracks and voice acting of heroes, which are well made by professionals.

Grow and decorate

This game allows players to customize their islands with My Singing Monsters MOD APK. By increasing the number of monsters in the game, you can grow your island. The island needs more space to hold the monsters as they grow. It needs to be decorated with new islands. There are a number of customizable objects available.

The player can customize the island according to their preferences. Furthermore, a specific amount of each customizing object must be purchased. This money can be used to purchase new decor. Personalize it to make it unique. Trees and flowers are usually used in decorating items.

Monster Island:

The pet-raising island in My Singing Monsters is entirely at your disposal. A special shop is also on the island where you can purchase the chosen monsters. As well as its buildings and services, the island has everything a player needs to raise monsters that satisfy his needs. The in-game currency can be used to improve certain buildings or characteristics if they do not reach the target monster. Earning money can also be accomplished in a number of different ways. This provides users with endless hours of fun.

Coustomize Sound:

My Singing Monsters Apk Mod is characterized by its music content. Beginning with the basics, each character has its own distinct sound, that is, it can perform one unique sound. To get full-fledged melodies, the user must combine a collection of monsters. This can be accomplished by teaching monsters to perform sounds in a better quality. The heroes’ musical talent must be discovered by playing minigames. You can learn to navigate the singing monster world and enhance their abilities.

My Singing Monsters Apk Mod
My Singing Monsters Apk Mod

Momstroud Delight:

You can combine monsters to create new creatures with unique sounds and melodies in My Singing Monsters, in addition to improving the sounds for all objects in the game. In addition to showing the talents of his characters, the player can also develop their ability to manage and create melodies. Most game processes take some time, which can be a little frustrating. For instance, ripening an egg or getting ingredients may take a little time. If you donate or use game currency, you can overcome these difficulties.

Collect monsters:

There are currently more than 100 monsters with different singing styles available in My Singing Monsters Apk Mod. Once you get to the island, you will begin the game. On the island, you will not encounter any more monsters. Initially, one ugly-faced cute monster allowed development to occur. In order to develop the quantity of monsters, you had to feed the first monster. Combining the two new breeds of monsters will create new monsters with singing talents. The level of all monsters can be increased by feeding them. Likewise, the level of singing has increased after monster level has been raised.


As you read the features you might assume that dealing with all the monsters will be quite a challenge, but that’s just an assumption. A guidepost will be provided to help you understand everything you need to know about the game and how to control your monsters to record melodies. Each task that you do on the site will be accompanied by a gesture. In the settings you will also find the manual.

Worlds to explore

The MOD APK of My Singing Monsters features many new islands for the stay monsters. For more monsters, you need to buy a new island when the current island is full. Therefore, there are several islands, each with its own characteristics. Make each island unique by adding decorations. You can customize the decorations based on the island you choose. There are different weather systems on colorful islands. It’s fun to look at the upcoming levels. See what the living world of monsters has to offer.

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How to Download My Singing Monsters Apk Mod:

In order to download this version of mod apk you have to follow the following steps:

  • Click the “Download Now” button to proceed to the next Download page.
  • Select the “Download” button to begin downloading the file.
  • The file will appear in the notification area once it has begun downloading.
  • Enjoy the site and bookmark it for future visits.

Download My Singing Monsters Apk Mod:

This mod apk is one of the best ways to bypass in-app purchases and get unlimited gems, items, and more. Several websites provide this download for free or at a low price. You might also want to consider downloading other Mods and Hacks, as these will enhance your gaming experience by granting you access to additional features.

The following steps will guide you through the process of downloading a modified APK:

  • Clicking on the “Download Now” button will take you to the next page.
  • Click on Download to download the file.
  • Click on the notification bar to see the file as it’s downloading.
  • Check back daily for more modded apps and games.

In some cases, if you believe the My Singing Monsters Apk Mod is not working properly on your device, please comment below, and we will take a look at it. Thank you for using soprapk.


Thanks for a great time, guys. We have provided you with the working and latest version which is highly compressed and contains unlimited gems characters and many more. We have also provided detailed information about its gameplay and modded features. I hope you find our site interesting.

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