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Swordigo Mod Apk v1.4.4【Unlimited Money+Latest Version】

The 3D adventure platformer Swordigo Mod Apk You will explore a vast world and battle in epic battles in the game. You will need to enter the dungeon in order to find more useful items and gain more experience, but do not forget about the danger, as there will be many enemies you must face alone in order to survive, so use magical weapons, spells, and abilities to help you. Swordigo mod apk lets you run errands for the locals and get rare items in return.

Specifications of Swordigo Mod Apk:


Version: 1.4.4
Size: 51.92 MB
Android version: 4.1 and up
Price: Free
Developer: Touch Foo
Category: Adventure
Rating Value 4.9+ Stars
Price Offer 0 USD(Free)
Operating System Android
Type Software Application

Features of Swordigo Mod Apk:

  • It is very good to have two-dimensional graphics
  • that present interesting challenges
  • Different and multiple stages
  • Various weapons and troops
  • Countless enemies
  • Obstacles along the way
  • Upgrade the main character experiences
  • Addictive gameplay with stunning graphics
  • There are different areas to explore
  • Existence of different powers and magic to use
  • The ability to enhance the strength and power of the character
  • Free and without annoying ads

More About Swordigo Mod Apk:

Currently, FPP and TPP games are very popular all over the world. In most cases, PUBG mobile or Rules of Survival dominate the market for games and are the preferred choice of game designers everywhere. In this context, the game developer Touch Foo released Swordigo, an old-school game based on the PlayStation 1. You may not have forgotten the experience of using a four-button gamepad to play Street Fighter or Contra. We are set to be brought back to our youth by reviving our memories.

Swordigo Introduction


The design of Swordigo is based on a 2.5D horizontal view angle instead of a second or third perspective. Players can interact with the game using basic buttons on the screen, such as jump, move or slash, as well as abilities. On the other hand, when you have reached the next level, you can make use of an array of keys to create combinations that are not locked throughout the game.

In Swordigo, you’ll need some time to learn the basic tools and techniques, just as in other storyline combat games. By completing simple tasks at the beginning of the game, players will receive an iron sword as well as the ability to use a kame hameha similar to Songoku from Dragon Balls. In addition to earning gold and gaining experience as you complete the assigned tasks and eliminate monsters, you will also earn some gold. After the player has gained enough experience, he or she is elevated to the next level, which increases the blood count and damage as well as speed.

Unlock and upgrade characters

As players explore Swordigo, they will encounter many quests that progress in difficulty according to the open storyline. You don’t need to use too much of your mental ability to accomplish these tasks, but you will need to increase your strength to overcome them. You must upgrade yourself to a breakthrough in order to save humanity from such sections.

Mysterious puzzles

Swordigo not only challenges you with killings and quests, but it also includes hidden questions containing game content. After answering these questions correctly, a new plot will be revealed. Make sure you don’t miss it!

2D graphics

Swordigo is a horizontal PS1 game, so it doesn’t have the same high-quality and vibrant graphics as the most popular games. Nevertheless, it is designed with attractive images, pleasing colors, and brightness that corresponds to each of the game’s scenes. It is up to the players to explore, look at different frames and admire the beautiful images.

Game Features

  • Visit dungeons, towns, treasures, and devious monsters in this magical world.
  • Gain experience and level up your character.
  • Defeat your enemies with powerful weapons, items, and spells.
  • Discover powerful hidden swords as you explore dungeons and caves.
  • A platform game designed specifically for mobile devices.
  • Mobile-friendly controls.
  • Choose your preferred controls.

Swordigo Reviews

I have played through this game a few times. The gameplay is challenging but not so hard that it isn’t enjoyable. The puzzle-based elements in the game are fascinating and serve as a great tribute to classic platformers. It is easy to learn and play with responsive controls. Advertisements are placed in areas where they won’t interfere with gameplay while providing an income to the creators. Overall, I would recommend this game despite its repetitive storyline.

The Swordigo Mod Apk

In the Google Play Store, Swordigo Mod Apk has over 10 million downloads. The game is developed by Touch Foo. As you begin the game, you will encounter adventure, magic, weapons, and a dungeon. The only adventure platformer that brings back classic elements is this one. There are items here for defeating different monsters, exploring and finding dungeons. Keep reading to find out more!

How Does Swordigo Mod Apk Work?

There are a lot of adventure games. Mario games are classics. Then there are other games with unique genre combinations. These are a great choice for fans of these games!
Over 10 million people have downloaded this game from the Google Play Store, developed by Swordigo Touch Foo.

A classic game with adventurous platforms awaits you in this epic game. However, this isn’t just any adventure game. There are dungeons to explore, magic to use, and monsters to defeat! This scroller platformer puts a modern twist on a genre we all enjoy. Therefore, you get to play a whole new game, but there are nostalgic elements to it.

Swordigo Mod Apk Features

You can defeat monsters, use magic, and explore dungeons in Swordigo Mod Apk. They have the following features:

Spectacular games

The mobile gaming industry is not new to adventure games. In fact, PC games have existed for a long time. This is the perfect game if you are looking for these types of mobile games. You will be taking on a life adventure when you play the new platform scrolling game, Swordigo Mod Apk. In this game, you play a character with magical abilities. Explore the dungeons and unleash the monsters that stand in your way! There are many places to explore, many items to discover, and many caves to discover. In addition, the graphics are modern and the operation is very straightforward!

Various locations

You can go anywhere in this game! There are a lot of Swordigo maps, it takes a lot of time to study them all. Explore caves, dungeons, villages, and other unique locations! The locations are unique and present special risks in advance. You must do everything in your power to avoid getting caught and to defeat everyone in your path.

Swords And Magic

Playing this game isn’t like playing a typical platform adventure game. In this game, you attack nearby enemies with swords. If you want to use magic, you can do so as well! There is a unique blend of RPG and adventure games in this game.

Download Swordigo Mod Apk Latest Version:

It is completely free to download and enjoy all its amazing premium features. We have tested this Mod Apk Version before uploading here so that it is working.You Can simply Download and Enjoy its features.

Comment below if you encountered any problems downloading this Swordigo Mod Apk. We will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

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